Q: Can I order balloons over the phone/email and collect

later? And how early or late can I have them.

A: Yes, but payment first. See our opening hours. Please allow 30 minutes after opening.

Q: I can’t see what I want on your web.

We hold a large stock and it’s impossible to show every

item. Please let us know your requirement. If we don’t

have it in stock we can source from our suppliers.

Q: Can you fill balloons we bought from some where else?

Yes we can, but if they pop/burst you still pay for gas used. Once they leave our premises our liability is over. Buying from somewhere else often proves false economy.


Q: Can you deliver or come to venue and set up?

A: Yes at a small charge depending upon your spending

and distance.


Q: What if a balloon bought from us is faulty?

A: Faulty latex balloons will pop while we are inflating. Remember latex balloons with helium last only 10 / 12 hours. Foil balloons do not pop but, often have faulty valve, this malfunction happens within first 5 minutes and we can replace it.

Q: I want balloons for next day, where do I store them?

If you want latex balloons let us know. We can prepare them with special solution to last 20 hours at an extra cost. Foiled balloons will last more than a week.

Store them at normal temperature and out of direct sunlight.